Max Nanis

Max Nanis (b. 1990, Philadelphia, USA) is a conceptual artist, programmer, and computational biologist. His artwork uses algorithmic approaches to narrate messages of persistence, fragility, and industry, often through the revelation of biological data.


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Dorothea Ulrich

Dorothea Ulrich is a fine artist and performance artist based in Los Angeles. She graduated with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design and has shown her work on both the east and west coasts. 

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Andrew Cziraki

Andrew Cziraki is a Manhattan based artist who earned his BFA at the School of Visual Arts. Previously he constructed visual art in a traditional manner, but once attending SVA he began transitioning into many different mediums such as, sound, video, scientific experimentation and technological art. His work focuses on a theme of the imprints of humanity left on physical or psychological environments. These themes relate to subconscious and conscious excrement discarded by the human organism. Most recent works deal with religion and the interaction with society and the individual.

Leo Madrid

I inadvertently began studying consciousness during a decade long career as an engineer and TQM instructor with the U.S. Navy. Landing my dream job as a Training Specialist shortly after discharge with the leading manufacturer of computer chips, I became knowledgeable about semiconductor manufacturing.

The disillusionment of corporate culture crept in and I fled the 9-5 life to seek out the freedom art provided. First a dance instructor and then a career as art gallery consultant, a book about art & physics transmogrified my perspective which, when commingled with curiosity, coalesced my experiences and sculpted me into a consciousness researcher.

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Enosh Baker

Enosh Baker is an artist, poet, farmer and proprietor of The Mighty Lichen. He is easily seduced by rhizomes, bodies of hot water and relationships with nonhumans and is currently working on a forthcoming poetry anthology in collaboration with visual artist Evka Whaley-Mayda. He wonders whether Donald Trump is a hyperobject.  

Tracy Jacobs

Tracy Jacobs builds electronic kinetic sculpture in her home studio in Oakland, CA. Exploring content about Science especially Biology she uses technology as a medium; MFA in Sculpture 1998, she owes her electronics and programming education to the internet and open source movement.



Janet Rumsey

Janet Rumsey is an artist and teacher from Marin who is motivated to create a tangible sculpture for children and adults, to gain a better understanding of the possibilities in science. She works mostly with clay, watercolor and acrylic to communicate a story of change.

Adam Garrett-Clark

Journalist, Futurist, filmmaker. Interested in democratizing DNA design and how it can save the world!



Danielle Lange

I find endless inspiration from nature and how I am apart of it.  

I grew up climbing trees, making forts, tree houses and running around in the forests of NJ.

Forests seem to grounded me and nurtured my soul. I think this had a large impact on my aesthetic sensibility and sense of self.  Still to this day a large part of my inspiration, play and spiritual practice comes from going into the forest to reconnect to this side of myself and life.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” —Albert Einstein

My work focuses on nature to call attention and bring forth change to to our current society's dysfunctional,  fractured relationship with the force which created us.  It is not enough to just call attention to this issue without action. I am exploring how I can be in symbiosis with my environment, people and nature.  I would love to see a humanity in balance with nature and know it's possible.

I am actively cultivating a community of artists, scientists, bio hackers and healers, ect. that come together to create art that helps the environment and community.

I welcome people to connect with me who are interested in my work.

Micah James

A Start-up member regular. Artist, turned Salesman, turned Scientist, Micah James has had every job imaginable. His late stint in art school gave him the opportunity to make things that were relevant to his investigations. Always curious, he tip toes along the line between fact and theory with his work. Currently a Creative Director at biotech start-up The ODIN and Artist in Residence at Upload VR, he spends his free time in the lab working with bio-luminescent bacteria, or in his office which is rigged for Virtual Reality where he paints with Google Tilt Brush.


Rachel Thomas

Rachel M. Thomas is an emerging sculptor that blurs the boundaries between traditional media, technology and bio-fabrication. Her practice is centered around the medicalized body, with specific focus on compulsive self-mutilation comorbid with depression. Thomas'practice involves collaboration with microbes on the growth of a second skin (bacterial cellulose) to further explore the will to control in self-mutilation behaviors.

Eric Parren

Eric Parren (NL / US) is an interdisciplinary artist operating out of Los Angeles. His work lives at the intersection of art, science, and technology and investigates human connections to the ideas and technologies that shape our future. Eric's works are often deeply sensory experiences dealing with modes of perception and the physics of light and sound. Through close study of the histories of media arts, electronic music composition, and abstract film, his work makes links between the past, the present, and what is to come.


Cere Davis

Cere Davis works as a freelance artist in Berkeley, California. In 2013 she began using her professional 

background in physics and engineering to explore her passion for demonstrating how science could express itself through the art of moving sculpture.  She uses fundamental elements of physics to reveal patterns of chaotic motion generated from the subtle interplay between external forces and a material's natural characteristics.  She aims to inspire both emotional and intellectual inquiry through her use of tactile materials in anthropomorphic sculptural form. 

She produces and collaborates on projects ranging from dance performance to sound art to kinetic sculpture. Her exhibits have been shown at various galleries, festivals, conferences and public outreach events throughout the US. She an educator and the artistic director at Counter Culture Labs and is a resident art fellow at Manylabs in San Francisco, California, where she collaborates with scientists to inspire scientific curiosity and participation through interactive art.  



I find inspiration in the spaces that exist between realms, in moments that defy or transcend categories and cannot be related through words. I’m interested in creating portals via imagery and ritual performance which bend reality and provoke questions regarding the “true” nature of reality and its construction through the perceptions of mind and body.  My current work is a cross-pollination of sewing, painting and printmaking into the forms of installation and costume used for performances.