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Genetically Altered: A Visual Discussion

   Welcome to what it means to be a biohacker! We are a community of Scientists, entrepreneurs, amateurs, artists, technologists, social advocates, and DIY enthusiasts who believe that biology is the way of the future. Our mission is to make biology, and in a greater sense science as a whole, to be accessible to the general public through the opening of hackerspaces, the organization of outreach events, and a means of simplifying the process so the average person can do at-home science that has a real world effect.

    Genetically Altered: a Visual Discussion approaches the emerging fields of Synthetic Biology, Genetics, and Citizen Science in an artistic and visual form allowing for a further understanding, general discussion, and inclusive environment to ponder the future of designing our living world. Up until this time, Technology and Nature have been viewed as opposites in a spectrum. With the emergence of gene editing and synthesizing technologies, biology itself has become a technology and the boundary of nature and technology has become blurred. We are inviting artists to participate in a visual dialogue about this transition, the social impact, as well as the visual, functional and societal implications of the emerging fields involved in engineering life and it’s materials.

The Ballroom @ the OmniCommons

4799 Shattuck Ave,

Oakland, CA 94609

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The Dreams of Synthetic Biology